3 Tips to Make Your Bridal Boutique Appointment a Success

Visiting a bridal boutique to try on wedding dresses for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially after all the expectations the rom-coms build up. If you want to make sure your appointment is a success, here are three helpful tips to follow.

1. Don't Leave It Too Late

One of the biggest mistakes brides make when planning their wedding dress shopping experience is leaving it too late. Many women worry that they'll change their mind about their choice as the wedding approaches, so they opt to buy a dress closer to the date instead.

However, this is usually a bad decision because choosing a dress can take a lot longer than you'd anticipate.

It may take you weeks or even months to deliberate over dresses and choose the perfect design for you. Then, unless you choose to purchase off the rack, you'll need to wait four to five months for the dress to be carefully handcrafted. Even after that, you may need several rounds of alterations before the big day.

So, make sure you book your first visit to the bridal boutique at least eight months before the date of your wedding to avoid dress shopping stress. If you're worried about changing your mind, start shopping as soon as you've set a date. This gives you plenty of time to mull over designs and change your mind before you settle on the right fit.

2. Choose Your Entourage Carefully

Choosing a dress is one of the most exciting parts of any bride's planning process. In amongst all that excitement, many brides eagerly invite as many people to the boutique appointment as they can. However, while this works for the most social of women, less is usually more.

Making a dress decision can be tough, particularly when at a boutique with numerous beautiful designs to choose from. The last thing any bride-to-be needs is half a dozen conflicting opinions making the process even harder. Try to stick to just one or two people whose opinions are really important to you - perhaps your mother and a friend with similar fashion taste.

If you really want to include more people in the shopping process, you can always let the rest of your friends help you choose the less stressful parts of the outfit later - shoes, accessories, and a veil.

3. Wear the Right Clothes

It's no surprise that choosing an outfit is one of the most overlooked preparation steps at wedding dress appointments. After all, why would you care about what you're wearing when you'll only be changing out it anyway?

However, that's precisely why choosing your clothing carefully is important. You'll need to wear something that's easy to change in and out of, so you might want to hold off on clothing with dozens of buttons or tight, hard-to-reach zippers.

Underwear is also important. You'd do good to wear nude underwear, as a black bra may show through the dresses you're trying on. And since you'll be in your underwear in front of the fitting staff, you should also choose underwear you won't feel too sheepish in. Of course, there's never any need to be embarrassed - bridal boutique employees will always make you feel comfortable.

If you plan on wearing heels, don't forget to bring shoes of a similar height to the appointment with you so you can get the right idea of how your dress will look with them on.

You may also want to bring any pieces you already have with you (such as an heirloom veil) and even do your hair like you will on the special day. This will really help you visualise yourself walking down the aisle so you can pick the perfect dress.

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