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Wedding Dress Boutique in Maribyrong

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We embrace a new era of brides: the modern, the classic, the extravagant or the vintage. With our expert stylists and exclusive designs—from simplicity to sophisticated embroideries—we welcome all shapes and sizes, personalities and intentions. Dedicated to high-quality lace and materials, we pride ourselves in carrying exquisite dresses with modern designs on trend with the world.

Come to our store, you will be very well taken care of.

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explore our newest collection

Belle Curve

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Our Brides

We’ve helped plenty of lovely brides find the perfect dress. We’d love to help you find yours too!

Bella and her sister are just beautiful and amazing at what they do! I have been to a few stores prior and never came close to finding anything I liked nor did I ever have a good experience. Bella was helpful, patient and attentive. None can match their level of service, they really are dedicated to making the experiences as magical as possible, not just for the bride but for my friends and family. Both my friend and sister noted that this was the best store they’ve been to and how lovely the team there was (not to mention how beautiful the dresses were!). Highly recommend Bella E La Bestia!
— Michelle Lim

explore our newest collection

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