Wedding Gown 101: The Best Necklines by Body Type

We already told you how to get the best wedding dress for your body type, but there's a lot more that you need to know about perfecting your big-day fit. From choosing the neckline right for you, to unlocking secret tips for flattering, and rules that are OK to break, here's the ultimate guide to finding your wedding dress.

The perfect neckline by bust-type

Broad Shoulders: Try a halter
The diagonal straps draw eyes inward, taking the focus away from your shoulders. 

Small Chest: Try a deep V
Got an A cup? This chic, lovely look softens a boyish build and will make your chesty friends jealous of you for once. 

Large Chest: Try a sweetheart
This classic follows your natural bust line, accentuating curves instead of smashing you into a uniboob. 

Round Face: Try a square
It adds dimension to your bone structure and elongates your features. 

Best All Around: Try Off-the-Shoulder
Amal's chosen neckline flatters most brides and downplays not-quite-Michelle-Obama biceps! But don't be afraid to break some rules.

Some styles may not be an easy fit for your body type, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your dream silhouette. If you're short and want to wear a mermaid gown, a good tailor can drop the flare a few inches to complement your frame. Just be sure the gown narrows through your hips and widens out just above, not below, your knees. If you're busty and want a low back, it's doable as long as you have straps to lend support. A long-line bra works wonders to keep everything in place and won't show under the plunge. If you're plus size and want to wear something formfitting, you're not the only one. Conventional wisdom used to be that bigger brides wore Empire waists and princess gowns, but these days more are choosing clingier styles. Well-tailored mermaid and trumpet gowns look fabulous on curvy bodies, while sheaths and columns are less forgiving.